The conspiracy theory that claims that Joe Biden's Inauguration was "pre-recorded" and "seen 11 hours earlier in Spain"

Publicado viernes, 22 enero 2021

Soon after US President Joe Biden's Inauguration on January 20, a conspiracy theory claiming that the ceremony had been "pre-recorded" and "seen 11 hours earlier in Spain" went viral across different social platforms such as Telegram, where it was shared by the pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood. These baseless allegations were first made in a video by a man called Charlie Ward, who failed to provide any kind of evidence to prove that Biden's Inauguration was seen in Spain hours before it actually took place.

Charlie Ward, who according to his website lives in Spain, claims that he "received the live Inauguration at 7 a.m. Spanish time, 10 hours before it went out publicly". "It was pre-recorded", he says in the video.

Although Ward alleges that he shared the video of the Inauguration with his "entire team and a lot of other people", he doesn't provide any evidence to prove that the Inauguration was "pre-recorded" or that he saw it hours before it took place.

We also didn't find any other user or website that provided such evidence after an advanced search. No news organization has shared the "pre-recorded" footage, either. checked the TV schedule of the main Spanish channels (La 1Antena 3CuatroTelecinco and La Sexta) and not one of them broadcasted Biden's Inauguration at 7 a.m. Spanish time on the 20th of January.

Hence, it's simply one of the many conspiracy theories that have been shared regarding US President Joe Biden's Inauguration and his predecessor, all of which we are collecting in this other article.